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Abuse 101

When power, control, and violence become the prevalent modes
of resolving conflicts, abuse takes place.


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Taking BACK Your Life
Lifedoesn’t have to be sad.
You can regain your power.
You can stop the abuse!
Enter a world of peace.

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This website is a member of the Lifted Hearts Network

With the prevalence of abuse it is clear we have to do something to stop it. A no toleration rule is in order. If you are an abuser, or suffer from abuse, I urge you to stop the cycle today and seek immediate help. I hope you find hope, faith, and clarity within the pages of this website. ~Tigress Luv

This website is donated by Tigress Luv and The Lifted Hearts Network and content site Essaysupply that provide term paper service, to help with those who are in an abusive relationship. Abuse and domestic violence is far more than ‘physical’. Abuse can masquerade as psychological, emotional, mental, verbal, and many other forms. No one should have to be made to feel the way a person who is abused by some one they love is made to feel. No one.



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